Belly Update: 39 Weeks!

We’re still waiting…….. but we’re in the home stretch!

Beware: Bare belly pic below! Shocking I know, but it shows the sheer massiveness!

39 Weeks!


The view from up here!


Whoa! (At least the stretch marks have pretty much stayed away. 🙂 )


Here is a little series of pics to show the belly progression from the last couple of months.

15 Weeks

18 Weeks

27 Weeks

30 Weeks

34 Weeks

37 Weeks

39 Weeks

Keep your fingers crossed that this little one doesn’t decide to cook much longer. We can’t wait to meet her! And then show her off to all of you!

We’ll be posting pictures and updates about her birth as soon as we can after she arrives. 🙂


In a previous post, there were a bunch of pictures and some video of Chris’s daily ride to work. He never quite knows what new, interesting things he’ll see every day.

A few days ago, he took a quick little video of what he calls, “Argentina’s answer to the green car”. hahahaha If you need a good chuckle, take a look. : )

Hello all!

I can’t even believe it, but I am now 37 weeks pregnant! (And feeling very much like a whale!) Here are some pictures to prove it. 🙂


Below is a picture from a recent baby shower for one of the other mom’s in the mom’s group, Cass (in the middle, in the striped shirt) is due just a few days after me, but we’ll just have to see when these little ones decide to come. I honestly didnt realize how large my belly has gotten until seeing this picture. Yikes! I know its all part of the pregnancy thing, but whoa….

More updates to come…. All is going well. Chris has been busy with work, and I’ve had more and more doctors check ups…. We’ve been checking out some new restaurants, hanging out with some friends, and enjoying our Skype dates with friends! We are in a stage of limbo until this baby gets here and it has been rather uneventful. No bars and crazy nights out, but no baby to play with yet either. 🙂

As mentioned in the last post, our shipment finally arrived!!! Now Chris can stop wearing the same 3 pairs of pants and we can setup the baby room! It’s a perfect way to spend Mother’s Day weekend. 🙂

Quick funny story first… So earlier this week, after dinner, Chris and I were discussing the nursery plans. I really want to get a rug and work on decorating it just like I would have done if we were back in Iowa. Chris was making some nonchalant comments about not needing to decorate until after she is here and waiting until all the furniture was setup, etc. I was already a bit crabby (hard to believe, I know), and got really upset that he didn’t want to get anything ready beforehand. I was getting really worked up about this whole thing (picture smoke coming out of my ears)! So he finally gave in and told me that our shipment was actually coming the next day (Thursday), and he was going to try to surprise me, but since I was so upset he figured he should say something. Oops…. ruined the surprise. Going from really mad to incredibly happy in a split second is not good for a pregnant woman’s health! Of course, I immediately started to cry, hug and kiss him cause I was soooo relieved that our baby stuff would actually be here before the baby! I had started to worry that she was going to have to sleep in a laundry basket for a few weeks. haha

The shipment officially arrived at our place on Thursday, and surprisingly it was all there and nothing appears to be damaged. We played around with some of the boxes Thursday night, and then really dug in on Friday.

Chris got to work putting together all of the baby stuff: pack n play, stroller, swing, and crib. Below is a pic of some of the loot from the shipment. (We had already put away about half of it at this point.)


Hef doesn’t quite know what to think about all this new stuff.


My handyman! Had to throw in a muscle pic. 🙂


A few progress pics… Nothing is done quite yet and I’m not quite sure how the layout will end up, but it feels so good to have some progress on the room!

Hopefully in the next week or so, we’ll have the curtains hung, the rug purchased, the mobile hung, and the decor on the walls.





Decor ideas

The pic below shows the colors that will end up in the nursery. The curtains are pink. The sheet is yellow. The flowers are going to be in her mobile. (See this site for what it will look like when I’m done.) And the butterflies will be on the wall leading up to the mobile. I haven’t settled on a color for the rug yet, and I’ve ordered a white rocking chair (pic below) that I will probably add a little color to with some fun pillows or something.

Any thoughts on decor? Rug colors? Pillow colors? What should I put on all the shelves in her room? Oh, this is so much fun!


Here’s another belly update for those of you that are on “baby watch”! 🙂




Everything is still going really well. She is definitely growing! We had an ultrasound last week and the doctor said she was already estimated at 4lb 9oz. That puts her in the 55% percentile and about 8 pounds when she is born. I’m crossing my fingers that these estimates are accurate… because a 10 lb surprise wouldn’t make for a very fun delivery. 🙂

I’ve had 2 doctors appointments, plus the ultrasound so far. I have another doctor’s appointment next week, and then I start seeing her weekly! Yikes its getting close!

We also had our first birth/baby class yesterday, which made everything seem so much more real. Yesterday covered going into labor etc, and next week covers baby care for after they are born.

Next post will have pics of the baby room!!!! Yep, that means we got our shipment!!!! YAY!!!

Mum’s Group

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!

(Technically, mother’s day in Argentina is the third weekend in October, but we can celebrate it twice this year. 🙂 )

I’ve been meaning to write about this awesome discovery for a while now. I mentioned a month or so ago, that I had met with a nurse from the US that is giving our baby classes and helping out when I have the baby. Well, she had mentioned a group of mom’s that gets together pretty frequently and sent me their contact info. I was excited to be able to meet a couple people so I could get out of the house and be a bit social every once in awhile. Little did I know what an awesome group I would find!

I went to an afternoon coffee get-together for an expat group and met the first couple of mom’s there. They told me about the upcoming “events” that were planned and I got really excited! Lunch dates, a massage party, get-togethers in the park, tea at the Alvear Hotel (very fancy), etc. My social calendar went very quickly from blank to busy! YIPPI! Chris was happy for me that I had found some people to hang out with, but I definitely think he is finding my life here a bit more like a vacation than his. 🙂 (At least until the baby is here!)

There are approx. 15 women that are pregnant or have small kids that get together on a regular basis and hang out. Their husbands work for various companies in town. Most of them are from the US, but there are a few from Canada, and a few from UK. It is a lot of fun to hear where everyone is from, what brought them to Buenos Aires, and what life is like for them here. It is very comforting to have a whole group of people, that are all about my age, going through the same things as Chris and I. I have already gotten so much great information from these ladies regarding doctors, hospitals, where to find baby gear, hair stylists, and so much more.

So far, we have met for High Tea at the Alvear Hotel. Fancy! I will definitely be taking anyone that comes to visit because it was so much fun! I had never had high tea before, complete with the finger sandwiches, scones, pastries, and delicious cake. 🙂 Felt like I should be dressed up with a fancy hat or something. haha

Earlier this week one of the girls (who is due 2 days after me, and lives only a block away!) had a massage party at her house. Awesome! The masseuse is a really nice lady from Canada, that moved here after meeting her Argentine boyfriend. I will definitely be giving her a call again!

Last night, one of the girl’s threw a surprise 30th birthday party for her husband, and it was a blast! Delicious food, lots of fun new people to meet, and an amazing cake! haha Seriously, it was so much fun to get out of the house and meet some fun new people. She even had virgin margaritas, which I have been craving now for weeks! Chris may have whimpered a bit at the end though… they were pulling out rockband as we were headed out the door… maybe next time honey!

Next week we are having coffee/tea at another mom’s house and just hanging out for the afternoon.

In a couple of weeks, there is a baby shower for one of the girls…

And the list goes on.

I am sooo excited to have found some new friends down here! I love hanging out with Chris and all, but it will really make our experience here that much better to get out and meet new people.

It’s a “Ruff” Day

Jack and Hef laid like this for hours this morning… Snoring… Like Chainsaws…


Happy Saturday from gloomy, rainy Buenos Aires!

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