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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!

(Technically, mother’s day in Argentina is the third weekend in October, but we can celebrate it twice this year. 🙂 )

I’ve been meaning to write about this awesome discovery for a while now. I mentioned a month or so ago, that I had met with a nurse from the US that is giving our baby classes and helping out when I have the baby. Well, she had mentioned a group of mom’s that gets together pretty frequently and sent me their contact info. I was excited to be able to meet a couple people so I could get out of the house and be a bit social every once in awhile. Little did I know what an awesome group I would find!

I went to an afternoon coffee get-together for an expat group and met the first couple of mom’s there. They told me about the upcoming “events” that were planned and I got really excited! Lunch dates, a massage party, get-togethers in the park, tea at the Alvear Hotel (very fancy), etc. My social calendar went very quickly from blank to busy! YIPPI! Chris was happy for me that I had found some people to hang out with, but I definitely think he is finding my life here a bit more like a vacation than his. 🙂 (At least until the baby is here!)

There are approx. 15 women that are pregnant or have small kids that get together on a regular basis and hang out. Their husbands work for various companies in town. Most of them are from the US, but there are a few from Canada, and a few from UK. It is a lot of fun to hear where everyone is from, what brought them to Buenos Aires, and what life is like for them here. It is very comforting to have a whole group of people, that are all about my age, going through the same things as Chris and I. I have already gotten so much great information from these ladies regarding doctors, hospitals, where to find baby gear, hair stylists, and so much more.

So far, we have met for High Tea at the Alvear Hotel. Fancy! I will definitely be taking anyone that comes to visit because it was so much fun! I had never had high tea before, complete with the finger sandwiches, scones, pastries, and delicious cake. 🙂 Felt like I should be dressed up with a fancy hat or something. haha

Earlier this week one of the girls (who is due 2 days after me, and lives only a block away!) had a massage party at her house. Awesome! The masseuse is a really nice lady from Canada, that moved here after meeting her Argentine boyfriend. I will definitely be giving her a call again!

Last night, one of the girl’s threw a surprise 30th birthday party for her husband, and it was a blast! Delicious food, lots of fun new people to meet, and an amazing cake! haha Seriously, it was so much fun to get out of the house and meet some fun new people. She even had virgin margaritas, which I have been craving now for weeks! Chris may have whimpered a bit at the end though… they were pulling out rockband as we were headed out the door… maybe next time honey!

Next week we are having coffee/tea at another mom’s house and just hanging out for the afternoon.

In a couple of weeks, there is a baby shower for one of the girls…

And the list goes on.

I am sooo excited to have found some new friends down here! I love hanging out with Chris and all, but it will really make our experience here that much better to get out and meet new people.


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Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days… so we still do not have internet and now haven’t been able to get a hold of Lidia since last week, so we don’t have an update either. Not going to say any more about this or I’m sure my blood pressure will spike….

So I’ve been meaning to tell you about an expat gathering that we went to last week. Chris had googled “expats in Buenos Aires” awhile back and found a handful of groups in the area. He sent an email last week to one called Internations to officially join and find out what type of events they may be having. He had to fill out an application because apparently they have to officially accept you before you can find out about events and other members. It sounded pretty formal to me, so I was quite curious what type of group this was! Thankfully, we were accepted very quickly and found out about an event that was happening that Wednesday (last Wednesday).

The get-together was at a bar named Prodeo in Palermo Soho. It was a few miles away from our place so we took a taxi. Thankfully, we at least knew the neighborhood since Chris’s boss lives nearby and we had walked through this part of town before.

Even though I had been through this part of town in daylight, it still freaked me out at 9 o’clock at night. It was the strangest combination of neighborhood and bar. The bar was very ritzy and upscale. Most of the people were wearing suits and they had an outside patio with a pool and lots of fancy lighting. It felt like it was a fancy club in San Diego or something. Outside the bar however was a completely different picture. Picture a very scary, dark alley- type atmosphere. There were busted cars with no wheels up on cement blocks. The lighting was really poor to non-existent so it was pretty spooky. The buildings, including the bar, kinda just looked like cement brick blocks with random graffiti or paint on them. Add a little road construction, some old railroad tracks, and random garbage and you’ve got one shady looking neighborhood. I must admit I was a bit terrified when the taxi stopped, but we could see the sign for the bar and it was the correct address, so we went for it.



(These are a few pictures of the same neighborhood from when Chris visited last November. I wasn’t about to bust out my camera when I got out of the taxi, so just picture this, but at night. The only thing these pics are missing are the busted up cars on blocks.)

Oh boy was I shocked (and very relieved) when we walked into the bar and saw how fancy it was! 🙂


There were about 50-60 people there just for the InterNations event, and they had a special drink and food menu just for our group. It was quite interesting to walk in and hear such a random collection of languages. The InterNations group is not just for Americans, but any expats or foreigners that are looking to network a bit or meet other people in Buenos Aires. It was a relatively formal event and we certainly didn’t meet everyone, but the RSVP online had noted that quite a few people from the different embassies were attending. (They were most likely to be the ones wearing the suits. We, on the other hand, didn’t have any fancy clothes since our crate hasn’t come yet, so Chris was in jeans and a polo and I was in black pants and a cotton shirt. Oh well.)

We found a table with open seats and other English-speaking people and sat down. I felt a little awkward being in a bar and being pregnant, but it was just nice to get out of the house and talking to other people that I forgot about it once we sat down. We met Marco (US Embassy intern from Illinois), Diana (Masters student from Colombia, the country not the school), Katrin (Web designer from Belgium), Mark (Business owner from Colorado), Marianne and Moira (from Buenos Aires), and the list goes on. It was really interesting to hear why people were living in Buenos Aires, how long their stay here has been/will be, and what their take is on the city, the people and the culture. Having only been here for about 10 days at that point, it was refreshing to hear what other people loved about the area and what brought them here. It made me feel a little less unique and alone in this situation.

I also noticed that the waiter spoke pretty good English and thought that was a good thing since their were so many foreigners in the group. Little did I know, until later in the evening, that he was actually from Roseville, MN. Haha He works as a web designer and spends most of his time in Argentina because he apparently loves the laid-back lifestyle so much. He said he goes back to the States 2-3 times a year to catch up on some work stuff, but otherwise stays in Argentina. He is about the same age as Chris and I, so Chris was curious what kinds of things he does on the weekend or for fun. (most likely in hopes that he had found a drinking buddy 🙂 ) They guy mentioned that he liked to go to dance clubs… again Chris was intrigued. (For those of you that don’t know Chris, he LOVES to dance! And not just white boy dance… he is actually pretty good. 🙂 ) Unfortunately, Chris’s dreams of a drinking-clubbing buddy were squashed pretty quickly, when the waiter clarified that they were tango dance clubs. Hahaha Just had to share that story… it was quite comical.

Overall, it was a very fun and successful night. Chris got to go to a bar in Argentina, finally. We got to speak English with other people. We actually left the apartment for something besides work, class, and groceries. I think the best part in my opinion was hearing about the other people’s experiences. I also have never picked up so many phone numbers at a bar in my life! And I am even pregnant! Haha just joking. I did get quite a few email addresses and phone numbers from the ladies I met in case I had questions about anything in the city and even a referral to a good doctor. They were all very nice and I definitely look forward to another event.

There are a few more expat groups in town that have regular gatherings, so I’m sure we’ll be checking out the other ones as well. It’s definitely an easy place to meet other people, and hopefully find some friends!

More exciting stories and pictures to come!

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