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She’s Here!

As most of you have already heard…. our baby is finally here!



Claire Lillian Kempf was born Tuesday, June 21st at 11:56pm at Sanitorio Los Arcos in Buenos Aires.

She weighs 7lbs 10oz. Is 19.5 inches long. And is absolutely perfect!


She spent two nights in the NICU before coming to join us in our room, due to extra fluid in her lungs, but everything is perfectly fine now. We were released from the hospital Friday morning and have been enjoying every second with her at home with us. Chris had last week and this week off to be able to enjoy the new addition and help out.

It was definitely an interesting experience, and I will absolutely be writing up the details to share with you all before they get fuzzy. Dont worry, I’ll keep it PG. : )


Leaving the hospital –

We have a bunch more pics posted on Flickr. Use the link on the right-hand side of the page to see the album.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes and congratulations!


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Winter in June

So there have been a lot of baby updates lately, so I figured you’d all like to know how everything else is going here. As of today, we have officially been here for 3 months! It has gone fast and slow in many ways….  We have certainly learned alot, but have a LOT more left to learn. 🙂

The main question that we get from family/friends back home, new friends here, and random taxi drivers is: Do you like it in Argentina so far? Our answer: Meh…..  It’s not that bad, but it certainly doesn’t feel like home. We are getting used to how things are done here, and certainly experiencing a lot! Thankfully we have met some really great people here, so we don’t feel alone in this big city, but we also miss our friends back home like crazy! At least we know that the next couple of months are going to fly by incredibly fast! First, the baby arrives… then my parents are visiting. Two weeks after they head out, Chris’s parents are visiting. Then some friends are coming the beginning of September! Followed by my little sis… then followed by some more friends in October! Then at the end of November, baby and I are headed back to the States for Thanksgiving and Chris will join us before Christmas! We are so excited to have so many visitors so we can share what we have experienced here so far!

Below are a few more notes about the main stuff going on around here:

Weather –

So we knew when we moved here that we were missing summer back home and heading into yet another winter. We consoled ourselves with the fact that the temperature here would be like spring back home. It has been averaging about 50-60 degrees here, which has been quite nice. It also hasn’t rained very much lately (based on our Iowa standards anyways). I’m not sure, however, that the Argentine’s have gotten the message that it is still really nice out! Even on a 60-70 degree and sunny day, people are walking around in winter coats and scarves. I even saw snow pants for sale at the store. Hello people, it hasn’t snowed here in over a decade!

We miss summer! Barbecues, boating, bonfires, Uptown Friday Nights, camping, margaritas on the porch…oh the margaritas!….. I could go on! Even though the weather here is quite nice, the people have that winter-type hibernating attitude. Boo!

Learning Spanish –

The language is possibly still the most frustrating part of being here. We definitely anticipated it to be difficult, but it can be frustrating when the simplest tasks turn into drawn out events. Chris continues to have Spanish lessons twice a week at our apartment with his tutor, Maria. The classes are going really well, but learning enough Spanish to communicate in the plant environment is definitely different than your typical conversation Spanish that I’ve been working on. I don’t envy him in the slightest! It’s very exhausting and frustrating for him to deal with every day, all day. We just have to remind ourselves that we’ve only been here for 3 months and it will get easier! Heck, I remember even just going to a restaurant the first weeks we were here and being totally clueless as to what they were saying. Now we can handle that like champs!  I get my weekly Spanish “lessons” from our new cleaning lady, Erica. 🙂 I think she may be my new best friend. Erica doesn’t speak any English so our twice-weekly conversations about soap, the dogs, our families and kids are definitely a big help for me!

Argentine Food –

Always a big topic for a hugely pregnant woman! I was hoping that after being here a few months I would find some Argentine food that I absolutely love. Hmmm….not so much. I guess its a good thing for our waistlines, but not exactly fun! Heck, I’m pregnant (obviously) and have only gained 14 pounds…. and the baby is estimated at 8 pounds. I totally thought I’d be that lady that gained 50 pounds while pregnant! HA! We have found a couple of restaurants that are decent, thankfully. I have been making the majority of our dinners at home. I even started making my own salsa, hummus, and spaghetti sauce. 🙂  The biggest complaint about Argentine food is the lack of flavor or spice. The restaurants all seem to serve incredibly similar menus with lots of beef, cheese, and pasta.

Health Care –

Some of you may remember my original posts about trying to find a doctor here. Thankfully the second doctor I met with, Dr. Doris, has been really nice so far! Things are definitely run differently here, but I feel like she is checking all the right stuff and is very competent. She did inform me last week, however, that the midwife that she works with during the delivery is 82-years-old. Anyones jaws on the floor?! haha Yep, 82. When she told me this, she joked that she has “given birth to the whole city”! No kidding! Since the midwife doesnt speak English, the doctor will be at the hospital during the entire birth. Phew! I’m sure at 82 this other lady has seen just about everything, but it definitely makes me a little nervous!

Take Care! We miss you folks back home!  More updates to come soon…

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We’re still waiting…….. but we’re in the home stretch!

Beware: Bare belly pic below! Shocking I know, but it shows the sheer massiveness!

39 Weeks!


The view from up here!


Whoa! (At least the stretch marks have pretty much stayed away. 🙂 )


Here is a little series of pics to show the belly progression from the last couple of months.

15 Weeks

18 Weeks

27 Weeks

30 Weeks

34 Weeks

37 Weeks

39 Weeks

Keep your fingers crossed that this little one doesn’t decide to cook much longer. We can’t wait to meet her! And then show her off to all of you!

We’ll be posting pictures and updates about her birth as soon as we can after she arrives. 🙂

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